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Does your business sell a $1 Million Dollar bra? It should… and here’s why.

The video above features supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, wearing the $2.5 million Floral Fantasy Bra for the Victoria’s Secret 2012 Fashion Show. It was designed by London Jewelers and has over 5000 precious gems. It is set in 18-karat rose and yellow gold with a centerpiece featuring a 2.5-carat diamond and a 20-carat white diamond.

Every year, Victoria’s Secret features a new piece. It is completely unnecessary, obnoxious, impractical in every way, and every wife of a milionaire drools over it, lusts after it. It is the piece de resistance. It is the ultimate, “OH MY GOD!” moment of the entire show.

You definitely can’t just walk into the store at the mall and pick one of these up, along with a set of 4 for $20 panties. This bra is one of a kind. The epitome of decadence. A collectors item ONLY for the rich and famous.

Why You NEED One of These!

Now, of course I don’t mean that every person reading this should start selling actual diamond incrusted support devices (unless that’s your thing), however I am suggesting that you sell something equally as over the top, in relation to your own types of products and services.

Let’s put it this way. What kinds of customers would you like to attract?

The bargain bin, WallMart level, tube site crawling, free porn wankers? Or the whales? The big spenders? The lifetime, millionaire, dream customers?

The difference between a Rolex and a Swatch is that not everyone can have one. This is the luxury item mindset. If you want to attract premium customers, you need to sell premium products at premium prices. They expect this and won’t settle for less.

Are your products and services something that anyone can get online, anywhere for free? Or do you sell something that NOBODY else has? Something that makes everyone, the wankers and the big spenders stop and say:

“HOLY SHIT! Did you see that? I want one!”

Create a premium product that is so expensive, so rare, so mysterious, so valuable that it would choke a millionaire. And then… don’t be surprised when they show up, wanting one.

So what could be YOUR $ Million Dollar Bra? Leave a comment and let me know.