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The adult industry is dead. Long live the adult industry… i’m calling bullshit on this one.

Now, according to a recent report on Xbiz, global adult industry revenue is currently at about $5 Billion. This is down from a report from 2010 which claimed that global revenue was $100 billion. This drastic decline of $95 billion per year is for the most part, they say, due to file sharing.

Does this mean that there is no more money to be made in the adult industry? Is it dead? Nope.

Have people suddenly stopped having sex? Nope.

Have they stopped paying for it? Well, let’s look at the millions in revenue for the number one bestselling erotic book right now “Fifty Shades of Grey”. I’d have to say people are still paying for it, and i’d be willing to bet that there are legions of new “mommie porn” lovers out there who are eager to buy more.

What people are failing to recognize is, that we are confusing the “adult industry” with human sexuality. The traditional “adult industry” as we have come to know it is a relatively new creature that has evolved only in the past 15 years or so with the advent of computers and the internet. It bases its revenue primarily from selling traditional digital content. This, as we all know now, is no longer a reliable business model. It was doomed the second someone figured out how to rip a cd and make a sharable mp3. If you didn’t see this coming from a mile away, well, then you have nobody to blame but yourselves. All is not lost though.

So what is the Solution?

Easy. Start thinking with your brains again. The adult industry is about sex, plain and simple, regardless of the medium. It’s not about DVD’s and pics. Think outside the content box. People get their porn in all kinds of places, not just a tube site. You just have to dig deeper.

(In my new book “Shocking Secrets of Adult Design“, there is a whole chapter by the way, on uncovering niches and fetishes that might give you all kinds of crazy ideas)

Consider doing this for starters:

  • Spend more time and focus on the micro. Research, ask questions and explore, specialize.
  • Provide excellent customer service to your existing customers
  • Create new mediums and new experiences to engage new customers.
  • If people are ripping your stuff, it means they like it. Stop trying to sue your fans and find other ways to give them more things they actually will spend money on.
  • Sex is about intimacy. Stop hiding behind your dusty old boxes of DVD’S and TALK to your fans. Get to know them and ask them what they want. They will tell you.
  • Nobody is buying your shit anymore? Give it away then. Seriously. This is Marketing 101 stuff, people!! Give it away as incentive to grow your funnel, then sell some other stuff to your list that they will pay for.
  • Fill your free content with so much product placement, it pays for itself. Make some deals. Sell some stuff.
  • If a former TV exec can write a series of erotic books that sell millions of copies, why can’t a porn star, or a dominatrix, or an escort, or an adult producer? Amazon is FREE by the way. Write a book, its easy. You can do it on an iPad these days.
  • You run a BUSINESS, not an ADULT BUSINESS. The sole purpose of a business is to make money by selling people what they want and will pay for, not what they don’t want.
  • I work in the marketing and tech industry and i’ve seen new tech that will blow your mind. Do some research. Go back to the laboratory. Read. There are new ideas and new potential EVERYWHERE.
  • Finally, shut up, already! Quit crying in your new condom laws and take some action. Not legal action. Productive action. DO something new. Make some cool sexy shit and people will buy it.

I’ll be discussing this topic of thinking outside the box a lot in the future, along with a number of other topics, so I encourage you to keep checking back.

Do you have any thoughts on the subject? If so, please me a comment and let me know. Talk to me.