Template Setup Services

$150 (per template)

For those of you who lack the time or the technical skills to set up your templates yourself, we offer template setup and image uploading services. Basically a do everything fee. (well… almost…)

With this service, you provide all the images, linking codes for your buttons, all body text and FTP information for your image hosting service. We will then upload the completed template graphics, your images and buttons to your hosting service, add the updated information to your template and send you the completed template.

This way, all you need to do is copy the updated template code we send you and paste it into your Niteflirt account and you’re ready to go!

Before Ordering, Please Read:

  • This service DOES NOT include posting the template to your Niteflirt account. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can we be asked to access your Niteflirt account or provide any services that require access to your account.
  • Image uploading requires you to have some type of image hosting service in advance. If you don’t have one, we can certainly suggest some good hosting services, (we personally use Dreamhost) however, please DO NOT order the Template Setup Services without one.
  • Images will only be uploaded to a personal image hosting service. We DO NOT and WILL NOT upload images to your Niteflirt account.
  • Button linking codes must be provided by you. We will not access your account and create these linking codes for you. Before requesting this service, you must be able to set up these codes yourself within your Niteflirt account.
  • Before providing images, links and text, YOU must be responsible for making sure all of the content meets with the Niteflirt rules and Terms of Service. We can not be held responsible for any violations or penalties resulting in the content you provide us.
  • All image and text decisions must be made BY YOU prior to us completing this service.  Please understand that downloading and digging through large amounts of images is very time consuming, so Please DO NOT send a large amount if images with the expectation of us “just picking some”. It’s your template so we feel it is better if YOU make the decisions.
  • Please make sure that you check all the spelling for your body copy PRIOR to sending it to us.
  • Before submitting body text, please be sure to layout exactly how you want the text to be displayed, including paragraph form and where on the template you want it placed.
  • Template Setup Services DOES NOT include any changes to existing template graphics. Any changes to the graphics must be discussed prior to payment and additional fees may be applied.
  • Template Setup Services are only applicable to Devilish Templates products and are not applicable to any products provided by any other template provider.


Interested in Learning How To Do It Yourself?


If you are interested in learning how to set up your templates on your own, I have a number of affordable video courses that teach you the whole process. These courses are a great way to learn more about designing and promoting your listings and taking control of your business & design needs.

Click Here for More Info.