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This post is particularly important for anyone who has purchased a NF listing or any of my template video courses.

It has come to my attention that there have been some font resizing problems that are now happening when posting the NF templates to NF. It seems that when the listing is submitted, some of the fonts are being auto-tweaked by the NF code checker and resized to a really small size.

This is understandably, very annoying…

The Problem

The problem is that NF is now hard coding any text that exists within the paragraph HTML tags, which makes the font size default to the small size. Not sure how long they have been doing this, but it’s something I have only recently been alerted to.

Here is the problem as described directly from Jenn at NF:

“The use of the paragraph tag breaks other formatting code in listings. As it turns out, we have custom styling for our paragraph tag so as to accommodate the not-so-saavy-with-HTML Flirts. This means that you’ll have to tweak your formatting code to work around our customer styling.”

The Fix

To fix this, you basically have to override their default settings by adding some different code before and after any text chunk that lives between a paragraph tag. The other solution is to either tweak the paragraph tag itself, or else just not use the paragraph tag and replace it with something else.

The best solutions are to either use a span tag before and after any text chunks to control size, color etc, or to add custom styling to each paragraph tag to override the NF default.

In my previous NF templates I have been using the following example code for text (which now is getting “smallified” by NF)

To fix the resizing problems, here is a solution:

Just change the font-size to whatever size you want and change the #ffffff to whatever hex color code you want for your text color.

Here are some other variations of fixes that NF suggests:

So, I hope that helps solve this annoying problem. I will be updating listing code accordingly, but it will take quite some time, so stay tuned for any updates.

All the templates included in the 60 Minute Listing Video Course, including the bonus pack have been updated with the new code fixes. If you purchased this course, just re-download the files via the password protected product download page.

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