Home News An update on Flash PTV Displays

As you may or may not know by now, NiteFlirt has recently implemented some new code changes for their listings that directly effect the key functionality of the Flash PTV Displays on multiple web browsers.

It’s been a shitty couple of weeks of trial and error, and after discussing the problem with NiteFlirt Support (who were very helpful and quick to respond) and a lot of testing on my part and some other Flirts, I have come to the conclusion that, unfortunately there is no simple solution for getting them to work properly by just changing the embed code.

Thanks to everyone who have sent me codes for working Flash on NiteFlirt (the displays for MyFlirtStore seem to be working on all browsers). However, because of the complexity of the product itself and NF now changing and disallowing certain combinations of key parts of the embed code for the displays, the only reliable solution requires a complete, top down re coding of the Flash files themselves to adjust for these changes.

Because of this, I have made the decision to, until further notice, discontinued all sales of the Flash PTV displays and will have to state that they can no longer be supported for use on your Niteflirt listings.

This is very unfortunate on many levels, and I will continue to look for a new solution and will let everyone know when and if I find one, however keep in mind that this will take time and I don’t know exactly how long, nor what will come of it.

Regarding NiteFlirt

In regards to NiteFlirt’s decision to make these changes, there have been some pretty negative comments flying around about them. I would urge that you don’t judge them too harshly. As disappointing as it is, I also can understand their reasons for doing so, which are based on protecting the overall security of their platform, and not as some sort of malicious attempt to block your business and sales efforts.

Our industry has enough of a bad rep as it is, without leaving the doors wide open for malicious applications that can easily be embedded in Flash and JavaScript and uploaded to high traffic websites such as NiteFlirt. Again, this was a security decision and so it is completely understandable and in all of our best interests.

But, yeah… it still sucks…