Home Articles A Quick Review of Aroused and Some Marketing Takeaways

Last weekend I checked out the new documentary Aroused on iTunes and I had a few thoughts.

The movie features photographer Deborah Anderson, as she interviews 16 adult film stars, and candidly discusses various aspects of their profession. Although I’ll confess that I found the beginning (the models riding to the shoot in a sweet vintage car) to be a little too long and redundant, I found the rest of the documentary very well done, tasteful, introspective and thought provoking. Here are three big takeaways:

Be Real!

The key focus of the film served to reinforce a strong belief I have regarding the current state of the adult biz. As an industry that bases it’s entire existence on intimacy and sensuality, it sure lacks engagement.

It’s unfortunate, considering that we live in such a social world. According to the book Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future, we are in the second quarter of a massive WE cycle. People need connection and transparency.

If the book is correct, and I do believe some aspects of it, that’s where the money is at and will be for some time.

As each performer was filmed in the nude, it was refreshing to see it done from a perspective of what it would be like just laying there and having a normal discussion with them. Kind of like what most people do when they lay in bed together. Reality. Not manufactured dialogue.

As entertainers, you lead interesting lives and have such unique perspectives to share. The REAL you is far more interesting and most definitely lucrative than the fake moans and groans, spattered all over the web that we’ve been listening to for years now. Time for something different and real.

Product Placement:

Each model wore a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes in each shoot. Hello! PRODUCT PLACEMENT and ENDORSEMENT. High fashion. Not just dildos and lube. Think about the potential in regards to your own content? I see a LOT.

Times are Changing:

One quote from Brooklyn Lee was pretty interesting. She was discussing how file sharing was destroying the industry and a tear came to her eye as she mentioned that in 2 or 3 years, there may not be an industry left for her to have a career in. She says, “Sometimes I wonder if i’ve completely fucked myself by doing this…”

Pretty powerful stuff. Nothing like a big red flag to warn everyone that the time has come to do things differently. No better time than the present.

Did you see the film? What are your thoughts?